Unleash your diabetes data. Connect, chat, learn, & share for free.

At Brightspots, we believe you should be able to securely share your diabetes & health data with your care team & community for free. We understand that managing your diabetes is more than just a personal journey, it takes a community.

Integrated with the devices, tools, and software you know and trust

Step 1

Download our mobile app to aggregate your data

Our mobile app connects with your existing health data by using Apple HealthKit or Google Fit.

Step 2

Invite your family & friends that support you

By adding your support team, you will be able to share your diabetes & health data with those who are there to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Step 3

Join or start community channels

The community channels are there to facilitate group conversations around healthy nutrition, diabetes apps, medical devices, shared experiences, and more.

Step 4

Chat with your community & share your data

Use Brightspots to easily & securely share specific health data with your support team and channels.

Step 5

Connect and get support

Discover new ideas to manage your diabetes by exploring our marketplace to find dietitians, nutritionists, & community thought leaders that can support you with your next diabetes goal.