Helping my brother live a healthy lifestyle with diabetes

Michael Williams
November 5, 2020

Back in 2003, my older brother’s life changed forever. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Over the years, I have worked with my brother to understand better the usefulness of the tools and resources available to him, finding ourselves often frustrated. Most of what exists does not interoperate well. Until recently, with efforts like #WeAreNotWaiting, the device or health system locked in a person with diabetes. Yet most new diabetes mobile apps, web apps, and AI algorithms still do not work well together. Ultimately, we learned that most of the tools and resources are available out there and need to be brought together for simpler diabetes management.

Until recently, my brother attempted to manage his diabetes while maintaining a relatively normal diet. He did not eat poorly by non-diabetic standards — consuming a healthy level of fruits and vegetables with the occasional carb-based snack. However, as he aged, he noticed that it was beginning to be harder to keep off weight, maintain a healthy A1c, sleep well, and live his daily life without feeling crummy at least once that day. On December 28th, 2018, he started on a journey to drastically change his diet and lifestyle.

After reading books such as Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions, my brother has started to follow a low-carb diet and lifestyle. The effect this has had on his life and his diabetes management is beyond amazing.

We want to make stories like my brother’s more accessible to more people with diabetes. We want to build tools that help others find their healthy diabetes lifestyle through the power of community, diet, and data.

Every person with diabetes has to spend significant time daily learning about their bodies. What works for them depends on a myriad of factors. We understand this well. That is why we want to make it easier for people with diabetes to take the data they have tracked and share it with their community, including nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, and family. Streamlining this communication channel, backed with a diabetic’s real data, can help more people find the lifestyle support and change my brother has experienced.

We are excited that you joined this growing community working towards a better future for people with diabetes. We hope this blog shines some light on our journey to build Brightspots so that we can go forth together as a community.